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Information about Triamterene.

This medication may make you more sensitive to the sunLimit your time in the sunAvoid tanning booths and sunlampsUse sunscreen and wear protective clothing when outdoorsTell your doctor right away if you get sunburned or have skin blisters/redness.

Older adults may be more sensitive to the side effects of this drugespecially high potassium blood levels.

Gastrointestinaljaundiceintrahepatic cholestatic jaundicepancreatitisnauseaappetite disturbancetaste alterationvomitingdiarrheaconstipationanorexiagastric irritationcramping.

MAXZIDEtriamterene and hydrochlorothiazidemay produce an elevated blood urea nitrogen levelBUNcreatinine level or bothThis is probably not the result of renal toxicity but is secondary to a reversible reduction of the glomerular filtration rate or a depletion of the intravascular fluid volumeElevations in BUN and creatinine levels may be more frequent in patients receiving divided dose diuretic therapyPeriodic BUN and creatinine determinations should be made especially in elderly patientspatients with suspected or confirmed hepatic disease or renal insufficienciesIf azotemia viagra forum. increasesMAXZIDEtriamterene and hydrochlorothiazideshould be discontinued.

Potassium-conserving therapy should also be avoided in severely ill patients in whom respiratory or metabolic acidosis may occurAcidosis may be associated with rapid elevations in serum potassium levelsIf MAXZIDE is employedfrequent evaluations of acid/base balance and serum electrolytes are necessary.

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