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Ie medicine 9859 xpil imuran 2 bfilm-coated 2btablets 2b25mg 2band 2b50mg imuran film-coated tablets 25mg and 50mg – patient information leaflet xpil by aspen.

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Information about Imuran.

Relatively oliguric patientsespecially those with tubular necrosis in the immediate postcadaveric transplant periodmay have delayed clearance of IMURAN or its metabolitesmay be particularly sensitive to this drugand are usually given lower doses.

There is limited experience of the administration of Imuran to elderly patientsAlthough the available data do not provide evidence that the incidence of side effects among elderly patients is higher than that among other patients treated with Imuranit is recommended that viagra price hong kong. the dosages used should be at the lower end of the range.

IMURAN is indicated as an adjunct for the prevention of rejection in renal homotransplantationIt is also indicated for the management of active rheumatoid arthritis to reduce signs and symptoms.

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