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ALopressormetoprololis in a class of drugs known as beta blockersBeta blockers are used to treat chest pain and high blood pressurethey are also used to treat or prevent heart attackDrinking alcohol with metoprolol can increase the dizziness and drowsiness that often occurs in patients taking metoprololThe most common side effects of metoprolol are vomitingsleep problemsdizzinessdrowsinessanxietyand nervousnessContact your physician immediately if any of the following severe side effects occurslow or uneven heartbeatsfeeling lightheadedfaintingshortness of breathswelling of ankles or feetloss of appetitedark urineor jaundiceyellowing of skin or eyesMetoprolol is only one part of a complete program of hypertension treatmentDietexerciseand weight control are other important factorsHigh blood pressure usually does not have symptomscontinue what is the antibiotic flagyl used for. using metoprolol even if you feel wellBurton DunawayPharmD.

If you have any of these side effectsstop taking metoprolol and call your doctor right awayShortness of breath Wheezing Swelling of the handsfeetanklesor lower legs Unusual weight gain Fainting Rapidpoundingor irregular heartbeat.

QI am currently taking metoprolol succinateIt seems like since I started taking itmy ears have been ringing and making a whirring noiseIs there a correlation to this?

Let your doctor know if you are pregnantmight become pregnantor are breastfeeding before taking metoprolol.

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